Apps for education

Our valued customers, Norwegian publishers Samlaget and Fagbokforlaget, have used a very efficient production process to deliver a large number of apps in a short time. They used options such as:

  • Content import from zip archives
  • Enriching the pages with sounds, video and interactivity
  • Bookmarks
  • Chapter downloads (optionally in-app-purchase can be activated)
  • Storage of notes
  • Highlighting
  • Free text search (automatically built from PDF and embedded for offline use)
  • Emailing aggregated notes

We believe our tool can help contribute to advances in learning, and work hard to move it further. We have developed interactive questions and tests, a brand new visual table of contents and interactive charts lately.

Please contact us if you want to have a demonstration or have any questions.

Please also see our small case study of using the tool for apps for children.