Create rich interactive books
See how our tool enables efficient digitalization, and tasteful enrichment of your books.

The art of entering the
digital space
You have your children's books with an exciting story and beautiful illustrations. How do you enter the digital domain with this good content? We believe you have to be the master of that process, one cannot just ask a service provider to "make an app" for you.

Using TapBookAuthor.com, we can help you digitize and enrich your books, or you can do it all by yourself using our tool. In any case you are in full control throughout the process.

Explore our web-site to see who we are, what we offer and what our customers are doing in the digital space, and let us know if we can be of assistance to you.
Create Your Own Apps
The one best suited to create content centric apps, is the one who owns and breathes the content.

With the TapBookAuthor.com tool, you can create rich interactive apps without any assistance from technicians. Contact us for a demo.