The children's book Jakob and Neikob

Norwegian publisher Samlaget has been using the tool to produce a series of apps for children. Samlaget has used the following features:


  • Enriching original pages from paper book with sound, images and interactivity
  • Voice recording (popular use is to let a parent's voice tell the story)
  • Animations
  • Multiple voices - with switching from menus, or withing actual content via so called object categories
  • Interactive elements for overlays, image flipping, playing sounds etc.
  • In-app mini games
  • Turning display of text on/off
  • Settings for letting own voice override actor voice
  • Single binary for iPad and iPhone version, with iPhone using global state for showing and hiding text

Additional functionality added since the publication of this app includes in-app purchasing (both iOS and Android), zoom effects and flexible component download. Contact us for a demonstration of the tool.

Please also see our small case study of using the tool for educational apps.

You can tap the image of Jakob and Neikob on a device to download from App Store. Please contact us if you want to have a demonstration or have any questions.