The inspirational Catching Fireflies

San Francisco-based publisher Little Pickle Press has been using our platform to produce an app that inspires us all to get writing. The app has won multiple awards, which makes humble tool makers like ourselves extremely proud! It is using some interesting features:


  • Enriching original pages from the paper book with sound, images and interactivity
  • Camera input ("This book belongs to...", this feature can also be used integrated in stories to let the user use the device's camera to add a photo to the story)
  • New and even smoother page transitions
  • Free hand drawing - a canvas can be added by just marking the rectangle where you want it to be available. Options for colors, brush, etc. can be set
  • Text inputs integrated into the book content - the text entered by the user is stored on the device between sessions
  • Custom note book for capturing the aspiring author's thoughts - this is an example of how to combine custom developed features with tool content

Additional functionality not used in this app includes in-app purchasing (both iOS and Android), animations, pan/zoom effects and flexible component download. In addition our bookshelves - often brand or series specific - are increasingly popular with our clients. Contact us anytime for a demonstration of the platform.

You can tap the image of Catching Fireflies on a device to download from App Store. Please contact us if you have any questions.